ILĀ: a collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen + home.

Carefully sourced from farms, purveyors and artisans around the globe, each of our products has been selected for its integrity and delivered to you with great care and purpose.



At ILĀ, our aim is to inspire you to gather, cook and celebrate the act of a shared meal. We take great pride in this collection and hope that our essentials become the cornerstones of your meals.



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Olive Oil 15 oz
Sea Salt 35 oz
Sel de Guérande Salt 1.5 oz
Cyprus Flake Salt 1 oz
Peruvian Pink Salt 2 oz


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Lifestyle photo 2
Lifestyle photo 3
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Olive Oil 6.5 oz
Black Lava Salt 6 oz
Wildflower Honey 10 oz
Pure Vanilla Extract 1 oz
Maple Syrup 9.5 oz
Cumin 0.7 oz
Cinnamon 0.8 oz
Black Sesame 0.7 oz
Coriander 0.7 oz
Smoked paprika 0.8 oz
Madras Curry 0.8 oz
Sumac 0.8 oz
Za’atar 0.7 oz
Turmeric 0.8 oz



Six years ago, to celebrate the beauty, power, and community of a shared meal, we started Sunday Suppers. The response to our dinner series — centered on the simple love of food — was overwhelming. Our community grew beyond our expectations and together we celebrated the traditions of food and gathering. Each table set with intention. Each ingredient selected with care. Each meal created with love. Over time our Sunday Suppers larder filled with a collection of essential ingredients. Each one rich in its own history and tradition, but used in concert to create new meals and memories.


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Who is behind ILA?

Karen Mordechai

A photographer, stylist, and tastemaker, Karen is the founder of Sunday Suppers, a Brooklyn-based food community and website that has won accolades including a 2013 Food and Wine Digital Award and top food blog by Saveur. Karen's work is regularly featured in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Remodelista, New York magazine, and more. Karen lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn, NY. Her cookbook Sunday Suppers | Recipes + Gatherings, rediscovers the art of cooking and eating communally with a beautiful, simple collection of meals for friends and family.

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers is a food + lifestyle community focused on creating warm and seasonal meals through stories, events and recipes. We hope to inspire our community to cook and celebrate beautiful food through the act of shared meals and gatherings.